Human Resources & Employee Benefits, all together now.

Centralise, simplify and manage all within one platform.

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Digitise & Automate

Human Benefits automates and digitises previously manual, time consuming tasks for you:

  • Human Resources.

  • Employee Benefits.

  • Auto Enrolment & Pensions.

  • Legal & Compliance.

e.g. Fully digitised staff on-boarding.

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Better employee benefits and pensions

Utilise our technology and economy of scale to get better quality and value benefit and pension products.

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  • Protection 6b7026ef9bcb480f65e54a9b7aa13c26ba569d697c675a6bc206526fcaeeef13


  • Advice 6f13626ab7e926af224650baf1c47a1ba164789425c2d71976184ba183587983


  • Support a7f8ce36117e0726dcd1db83a1962c3760b0f6373fa2ffc94b6a16a1df6e0b87


  • Administration d4e1749ba56dcb255029ff01fd688fbe9679966b7d2dbe277bb9b4b7a55294ef


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    Is My Data Safe?

    Banking level encryption, authentication and security ensure that you and your data couldn’t be safer.

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    Do I Get Support?

    On hand specialists to support you through HR, benefits, pensions and compliance issues.

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    What Do I Pay?

    Our core platform is free, funded by our additional insurance broking and payroll services.

Human Benefits®, for successful teams.

Smaller Teams

1-50 Employees

  • A full service HR & leave management application.

  • Better value and quality benefit products for you.

  • Easy auto enrolment pension set up & management.

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Larger Teams

50-500 Employees

  • An integrated HR, payroll & employee benefit platform.

  • Fully digitised employee benefit scheme administration.

  • Multiple scheme population & category management.

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  • Pensions small a282d2fc8e698ebd2b68ec6fc46c598ba969dcf0b48bd93b115ff6f122a9c69d

    Auto Enrolment & Pensions management

  • Value small 39a2fc41eaf17b6d116383e6a6fdc314d5badabb0c53a316043a7f37be00c625

    Better value benefit & pensions purchasing

  • Database small adadbdac801e921569c6304f8db50e27d9367b297e8a7756cc8fc5523ce0a054

    Integrated HR Database

  • Leave small 8b4ad1997f339c4212f9f696eac030275d96c14d74e6c0ad7ab8803abc06b2de

    Leave Management & Reporting

  • Statements small b45713a919ec08b2e5c50dbec692378f88da03f31543c9542cf44a6ad08ae2cb

    Benefits and Total Remuneration Statements

  • Onboarding small f54e8ab39834cd8f1874bcf754086ac72927188832e51481626f84269ccdbedf

    Full Digital Onboarding

  • Cloud small 06e864a8429620acb27e448f0abb84be1652e10faf7ccc2b3b6fa5d9dbda623c

    Electronic Data Integration

  • Support small 8f3f0e7a81bf48a60fd25503d5b7334d0d9644cab328434d9718efe0277a145c

    HR, Benefits, Pensions & compliance support

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    Custom Branding